Case Study

How Shipwright helped Kaladin establish a powerful design system for future growth.

A crypto-currency startup that uses cross-chain atomic swaps to enable exchanges between different coins.

The Challenge

Kaladin lacked a formal design system. They needed the building blocks necessary to scale as they matured.

The Solution

Headway’s role was to co-create a visual language that would maintian consistency across the web and meet their unique needs

A Collaborative Process

Thanks to Shipwright's atomic structure, the designer, developers, and stakeholders worked side by side.

Changes could be made system-wide in real-time with minimal effort to streamline decision-making.

Shipwright is a great alternative to existing frameworks like Material. We are able to rapidly craft UI with it. It allows for clients without a design background to pitch ideas by simply assembling mocks for us to review. Compare that with pen and paper wireframes or verbal direction.”.

Damiano Redemagni

Senior Designer @ Headway

Living, Breathing Code

Moving from Figma to Storybook was a seamless process.

This gives Kaladin the competitive advantage of moving straight into building and testing working software rather than spending time creating low fidelity prototypes.

"Shipwright makes big changes less scary.

It gives us clear design guidelines, so we're able to set up the project correctly, in the first place.

A global typography update, for example, becomes as simple as one change in the theme, rather than code modifications throughout all affected components.”

Melissa Ganzfried

Developer @ Headway


Kaladin now has a design system that they can continue to build on and adapt for their future needs. Changes can be made globally with minimal disruption.


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